Born in Harare, Zimbabwe
Lives and works in Berlin


Camberwell College of Art B.A Fine art, London

Selected Exhibitions

2021 Peninsular Gallery, Brooklin, NY.

New Collectors gallery NY

Treignac Project residency, France

2020 Group show, curated by Matthias Dornfeld .Cubiculumn ,Berlin
2019 “Salon” Berlin
“Handlungsoptionen bei unbestimmen Bedingungen” Radical Space, Munich
“Helter Skelter” Kulture Palast Wedding International, Berlin
“Head and Shoulders 500 years of drawing” Cubiculum, Berlin
2018 “Alles  in Flow” L’oiseau Presente Kosmeticsalon, Berlin
2017 “Five years changing and growing” KM Galerie Berlin
2016 “Landolphia” Solo, Super deals, Brussels
Frischluft Tanken, Berlinerboden.
Book Launch Kosmeticsalon Babette Berlin.
2015 Curater “Reformer” NationalMuseum Berlin
“Recordless release Party” Berlin
“Present Berlin” Bethanian Berlin
2014 “Solos” Ocean  Berlin
Solo Marquee Project Space Berlin
2012 “Here’s to Joanne” Joanne Greenbaum, Sally Lewis , Sebastian Dacey. Berlin
Hermann Breker, Kassel.
“Pure Fruede”, NationalMuseum, Berlin
2011 “Pop hits”  “Based in Berlin” MonbijouPk, Autocenter on location.
“Homebase” with Britta Luma, Berlin
“The Raising of Lazarus” NationalMuseum, Berlin
2010 Cussler , solo Show Berlin
“Seismagraph” curated by Sally Lewis The Forgotten Bar Project,/
Galerie im Regierungsviertel
2009 Sebastian Dacey presents: Group Show. The Forgotten Bar Project
3/3 Firleju Breslau, Poland
“Pin-Up” Projektraum, Berlin
Istanbul Biennale curated by Ulrich Wulf
2008 Group show Ecke Gallery, Ausberg
2007 “Endgame” RC de Ruimte Amsterdam
2006 “Blink” Top Floor , London
2003 “Close up” Limehouse Arts foundation Space, London
2002 “Refex” Project space, London
2000 “Open Camden” Curated Jenny Lomax , Tim Head
1999 “Dad” Gasworks London
1998 “Everything must go” Cubitt Gallery London
“Sconfinimenti” Arsenale, Italy
1997 “Sconfinamenti” Touring Exhibition Academia Italiana , London
1996 “Crosscurrents” Touring Exhibition The Hague, Rotterdam
Braziers Artist Residency UK (Repro in cat)
1995 Artist Residency, Barcelona, Winchester College of art
1994 “Homebase” Cubitt Gallery London
1993 “Between Geometry and Gesture” Figure of eight Gallery, London
1992 Group show, Bennington College, New York
Triangle Artists Residency, New York, (repro in cat)
1991 The Showroom, London
Fuse Gallery, London
1990 Patricia brown Gallery London